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We have been focused on Aquaculture for over 18 years. We have partnered with 1,000 + retailers in China. Therefore, we are confident to provide you with quality and professional aquaculture equipment.

ABP Aquaculture Equipment Ltd. is an exporting company specializing in offering aquaculture industrial needs.

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Our factories have over 15 years of production experience
We offer stable raw materials purchasing
Special orders have close follow-up management
Laudable lead time & and shipment control
Traceable quality evaluation
Remarkable after-sales service
Professional sales team in which all members have graduated with an Aquaculture major, we not only offer products,
we offer more.....
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We have a highly productive factory and experienced workshop staff to ensure our speed of delivery and product replenishment.

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Business develop manager
Graduated from aquaculture in 2008 and has worked in fish fry farms, feed mills, fish farming and aquatic products companies, and animal health, and has practical GSP/GMP experience. I am warm and friendly. Only recommend practical and reliable products to customers.



Master's in Western Economics from Southwestern University, expertise in IPRS, RAS, and Aquaponics. Established successful aquaponics base (Double Stream) in 2020, producing 100kg of sea bass per cubic meter. Founded Aquaponics Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. in 2021 with 15 patents pending. Leading base construction in Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Zhangjiagang, Taicang, collaborating with Shanghai Normal University.


Workshop worker

15 years of aquaculture experience, good at breeding vannamei shrimp, mandarin fish, sea bass and other species. The person in charge of the company's supply chain and former manager of the overseas technical department of New Hope Group.